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Balmoral {take three}

  I'm sitting here in Arkansas, writing this post, with the doors and windows open.  It's 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE!  I've been in heaven this week as I'm normally a hot mess on installations.  Especially in the summer.  This trip has been very exciting as new furniture and lighting has started to arrive.

If you want to catch up on this project check out this post and this one to see where we started.  We still have lots to do, but it's been a rewarding trip and my clients couldn't be happier.  I'll be back in August to get most of the rooms finished and I can't wait!

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Vintage is Just a Cool Word for Old

I read somewhere that vintage these days can mean "anything that was purchased less than 24 hours ago, is dirty and worn, or looks like it might be old if you don't know anything about history and squint really hard".  Designing a space with a vintage (aka old) piece can be challenging, but what a difference it makes to add something with a little history.  Most of us have painted a table or chair, but if DIY isn't for you, there are tons of great resources out there to score some great vintage pieces without having to lift a paintbrush. CHAIRISH is my newest go to place for everything vintage.  Their web site is super easy to navigate and the photo quality is excellent.  I actually had the pleasure of meeting the owners at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta earlier this year.  They sell everything from accessories, to lighting to furniture.  Here's one of my favorite finds they are currently selling...

vintage 1

ETSY has been a favorite place of mine for many years.  I've bought things for clients, party supplies and gifts on this site.  As it's grown, it does take a little longer to find something specific, but don't give up.  There are some great pieces waiting for you there...

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EBAY has been the world's shopping place for a long time and there are still some unique vendors there selling one of a kind pieces.  Just be careful and only buy from reputable dealers.  Read the reviews and descriptions very carefully.  I was recently searching for a unique lamp for Wes' bedroom and ran across this.  Not for me, but loved it for a little boy's room and it's only $20.00!

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Finally, you can search locally for those great vintage pieces.  Thrift shops, antique stores, garage sales and CRAIGSLIST are treasure troves for that special piece.  Another word of advice is don't ever meet someone alone, especially at their home.  Find a public place or take someone with you.  I was lucky enough to find an old desk for Wes' room last summer on Craigslist and had my faux painter do a metallic finish on it for me.  It turned out great and I promise to share photos once I finish his room - before he goes to college!  Here is a vintage patio set I recently found on Craigslist...

vintage 3

I'm going to leave you with one last photo as proof that a vintage piece can make a difference in a space.  My client found this light, while shopping antique stores on vacation, and it added so much character to her bathroom.  You can see more vintage finds we used at Summer Duck on a previous blog post.

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Balmoral {take one}

  I'm excited to share a new series on my latest project, Balmoral.  This project holds a special place in my heart because it's my sister's house in Arkansas.  I gave you a little sneak peak here on how the house currently looks.  It's really beautiful (on the outside) and the floor plan is perfect for their family, we just need to make it their own and the first item to change on the list is the WALLS!  My sister is a huge wallpaper fan and we started selecting those this past weekend.  Here is one of four we plan on using.  Sorry for such a small photo!

ikat wallpaper

Inspiration for the color palette we are thinking for the dining room - indigo and blush!
Inspiration for the color palette we are thinking for the dining room - indigo and blush! Insert reference to Steel Magnolias here.

My sister is really embracing bold color in this house and indigo seems to the common thread throughout the main rooms.  We are even thinking a very light shade of blue (on the gray side) for the main color of the house.  Paint samples are starting today, so we'll see which one makes the cut.  In addition to the walls, we are replacing all of the lighting.  Every last fixture!  We met yesterday to start looking at possible choices.

We really liked this one - her husband's reaction was "it looks like it belongs on a cruise ship" and I think he could be right!

This one is definitely a contender, just need to figure out the perfect spot!

I'm happy to be sharing this journey with all my readers.  You also may have noticed a new look to my blog.  I have moved it over to a different platform, so I'm still getting used to it.  The photos are done differently and the layout is more difficult, but I'm getting there.  Please forgive my growing pains and all the different fonts!

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Brass is back!

I know!  I've been trying to fight it, but brass is definitely back in a big way in home furnishings.  This is definitely not the 80's shiny brass or the antique brass, but a soft, colored brass.  I'm working with a client now who is loving the brass for her lighting and I couldn't be more excited to see it all come together.  Here's a little sneak peak of what we are loving today...

In addition to lighting, I found these other beauties online today that I had to share...

If you are ready to add a little brass into your life...give me a call!