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Who Needs a Dining Room?

I'm working with a client to finalize the plans on her new house and she doesn't have a formal dining room.  In fact, she's the third client this year to build a house without a dining room.  I'm not sure I'm ready to see the total loss of dining rooms, but I would love to see their purpose change.  To give a family more than one reason to use them, not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A trend I'm seeing is having a dining room that also serves as your home's library.  I love the look of this, but who really has such a collection of books they need a library?  Maybe incorporating storage for china, along with books makes the best sense.

Photo Credit:  Centsational Girl

I like the idea of using a dining room as an office.  Now, this only works if you can keep your desk (aka dining room table) neat or you have doors you can close.  This looks like a great place for homework as well, especially if you have more than one child trying to do homework at the same time.

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To me though, the best way to to easily use your dining room is to keep it comfortable.  That means, stay away from the set of eight matching wood chairs.  Bring in upholstered chairs and maybe less of them.  Ballard Design sells a great folding chair you can bring out for additional seating when needed.  Select a wood finish that is distressed so you don't need place mats.  Instead of a traditional chandelier, hang a lantern or a group of small lights over the table.  Here are some "non-traditional" dining rooms that I love.

Photo Credit: Greige Design

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Balmoral {take three}

  I'm sitting here in Arkansas, writing this post, with the doors and windows open.  It's 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE!  I've been in heaven this week as I'm normally a hot mess on installations.  Especially in the summer.  This trip has been very exciting as new furniture and lighting has started to arrive.

If you want to catch up on this project check out this post and this one to see where we started.  We still have lots to do, but it's been a rewarding trip and my clients couldn't be happier.  I'll be back in August to get most of the rooms finished and I can't wait!

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Ready, Set, Ask!

Here is the first of hopefully many design questions I plan to answer from my readers.  You can submit your questions via email to jennifer@jennifertaylordesign.com.  

What is the best size rug to use under a dining table?
I really like this question because this is one of my biggest pet peeves!  Especially, when I see a beautiful room in a magazine and the rug is too small.  What is wrong with this picture?
Can you see it?  That rug is at least 3 feet too short!  Those head chairs should not be off falling off the ends like that.  Now, I do love that art wall and I think the banquette is great.
The best rule is take your table size and add 24" both the width and length and that is the size rug you should use.  This measurement assures that when a person is sitting in the chair, it won't come off the rug.  Here's a little handy guide I found online.
Here are some beautiful dining rooms with the perfect size rugs.

All Photos via Pinterest

If you need some help finding the perfect rug for your dining room, give me a call!

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