My Favorite Things {just a few}

I hope everyone is enjoying this time with the people you love. We were in Arkansas at my sister’s house for Christmas, then home for a week before we head out west for fun ski trip. Traveling during the holidays is hectic, but totally worth it once you are there.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was shopping A LOT! Giving gifts is my love language and I tend to overdo it. So to celebrate buying too much, I wanted to share some of my favorite things.


Favorite #1 is actually a person. @cassiesugarplum is a blogger who I follow on Instagram. What I love the most is her crazy good fashion finds. She does live try on sessions and what she shares is age appropriate - which is so important to this 47 year old. And most everything is affordable. I would safely say that half of my wardrobe are things I’ve found through Cassie.


Favorite #2 is something I discovered from following my #1. I’ve been dealing with some mild (but very annoying) acne for a few years now and I’ve tried so many things…cheap stuff, expensive stuff and even prescription stuff. Then, I discovered Colleen Rothschild Beauty and I LOVE IT. This is the only thing that has improved (not eliminated) my break outs. I started with the gift set above so I could try their most popular products and I’m hooked! Right now, you can save 20% site wide.


Favorite #3 is a gift I received a few years ago from my sister (who gives the BEST gifts) and it’s worth sharing. The current style is a little different than what I have, but close enough. It’s the perfect size and it will even hold my phone when I don’t want to carry a purse.

Shades of Light

Favorite #4 is related to interior design. Shades of Light is the lighting source I recommend to all my clients who want to source their own pieces. They have simple categories and have curated all the options to ones that are not only stylish, but also unique. The pricing is for all budgets. My biggest piece of advice when ordering your own lighting - check the measurements! I’ve walked into too many homes where the lighting is either way too small or too large. Also, only leave 32” to 36” of space between the top of your table and the bottom of your light.

Favorite #5 is something I discovered in the Charlotte airport and I’m happy to share with all my fellow homebodies. Carefree Threads are what I would call “pajamas you can leave the house in” but they call it lounge wear. I purchased the cowl neck top and then asked for the matching pants for Christmas. My next purchase will be the hooded sweatshirt with the jogger pants. You can thank me later!

I hope 2019 brings you health and happiness! I’m so grateful to all of you who stop in here to read my random thoughts.

Thanks for Reading!