Lighten Up!

When I first met with these clients, she said she really wanted to lighten things up and I couldn't have agreed more.  Here was my client's wish lighting, sofa pillows, coffee table, dining chairs and accessories.  We had to work with the new sectional the client had just purchased, the existing family room rug, arm chairs and the draperies.  I love working with things a client owns, but it can be challenging.  This project was no exception.  Here are a few photos from my initial consultation.

First, we replaced all the existing lighting in the main rooms (entry, dining and family room) and what a difference that made.  Then came pillows and new chairs.  Finally, we delivered the new tables and the finishing touches.  Small changes with BIG results!

Jennifer Taylor Design
Jennifer Taylor Design

If you are looking to lighten things up in your home, please give me a call.  I'd love to help you!