Working with Us

"This was my first experience working with a designer and I was a bit nervous at first. Jennifer put me completely at ease immediately. She designed a breakfast room for our kitchen that completely exceeded my expectations...She is very creative and really listened to what we wanted in this project. Now every time I walk into this room I can't help but smile."

This is a Houzz review from one of our clients who share the hesitation most people have about working with an interior designer.  Some of you may be worried that we will want to get rid of everything you already have or that it's too expensive.  You may also think that it's too time consuming.  I'm going to address each one of these for you.

First, we almost always have clients who have items they want to incorporate into a design.  Whether that's an entire bedroom set or just a rug.  We love it when clients bing their own things to a project.  It personalizes their space and gives us a place to start with the design.  I'll be honest, sometimes incorporating existing pieces makes it a little harder for us, but we will always be honest in the best way to use them.

Hiring a professional to do a job that you can't do isn't cheap.  And like other professionals, you get what you pay for at Jennifer Taylor Design.  Our clients are busy and just don't have the time (or desire) to dedicate to their project.  We have a set design process that allows us and our clients to achieve great results in a set amount of time.  Budgets are discussed very early on so that expectations can be set before any selections are made.  Most of our projects that involve designing an entire room has an average investment of $15,000, but we've done projects for less and for more!  

Finally, we make the entire design process super easy for our clients.  The most work you will ever have to do is the initial client questionnaire!  Once the contract is signed, we do all the rest.  Our presentations are fun and exciting.  We work with reliable trades to deliver a quality product.  And the installations are the best!  

I encourage you to view the video about "Our Design Process" to learn more.  We would love to work with you!  850.264.6920 or