Coventry Banks

When I posted a few of these photos on my Instagram account last week, I wrote that it was bittersweet when a project comes to an end.  Coventry Banks is no exception.  I honestly walked down the driveway thinking "you did a great job on that house!".  I've been doing interior design for almost 25 years and I'm pretty sure I'm going to remember this project as one of my favorites.  

My client and I met for the first time in January 2017.  To say she was excited about building her new house was an understatement.  But, she didn't have the time required to get it where she dreamed it would be.  With both parents working busy jobs and two teenage boys, they needed help and I was happy to provide it.  

Our first step was finalizing the plan before construction began.  So, I got out my red pen and went to work.  Having another set of eyes to go through your plans is always a good idea.  After months of planning, sometimes you don't notice something awkward or can envision how the finished space will look.  A good interior designer can!  I not only see the construction, but where furniture would most likely go or where you need a plug for that table lamp.

Enjoy the final photos!  If you want to see any progress photos, then follow me on Instagram.  @jennifertaylordesign and search #coventryproject 

Jennifer Taylor Design
Jennifer Taylor Design, Tallahassee, Florida
Jennifer Taylor Design, Tallahassee, Florida

All the stained wood in these photos - family room bookcases, mantle and back entry drop zone - were all milled from trees that were removed from the property.  It was very important to my client to find a use for that wood and I think she did an excellent job!  

Thanks for reading!