Everett {Round Two}

There's no better feeling than hearing from a previous client "we are ready to start on another project".  This means you did your job so well the first time, they are ready to jump in the interior design pool again.  It's even better when these clients trust you completely to deliver a room they will love for years to come!

Our first Everett project was a family room for the ENTIRE family.  I created a space that included a cozy spot to watch television, a desk area for homework, a creative drop zone and even a hidden place to practice for bicycle races.  It was a super fun project!

This time they were ready to create another family room, but this time for the hard working parents.  So we took the room directly off the kitchen, that no one ever sat in, and gave them a place they could use every day.  And since it was open to each other, we decided to include the breakfast room.  Another room no one ever used.  


My before photos are always so dark!  But the room was dark and lightening things up was on the top of our list.  First came a new fireplace with new tile and mantle surround.  Then, my painter went to work on the walls and trim.  Finally, it was time for the furniture.  

Jennifer Taylor Design, Tallahassee, Florida

My clients wanted a more "adult" family room they could relax in and watch television.  I found a pair of colorful cabinets for each side of the fireplace and added floating shelves above.  The television eventually was installed on the right side.  We kept the sofa neutral, but went dark to create a contrast with the fun pillows and colorful swivel chairs.  I really love the accent chair, with the green houndstooth fabric, in the corner.  It's unexpected, which you want sometimes.

It's been almost a year since we installed this project, but seeing these photos still makes me smile.  

Thanks for Reading!