Oaks Lily {take one}

Back in April I heard from one of my favorite clients, who also happens to be my sister.  She told me that they were considering purchasing a home in the beachside community of Watercolor that would be used as a rental.  All I can remember of that conversation was that "it needed a lot of work" and "we need it done before Memorial Day".  Then, I waited for the official GO!  

While we wait, let me share some of before photos from the real estate listing...

Not too bad, right?  But in person it was a different story.  Everything was showing a lot of wear and that family room sofa was the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I ever sat on.  We did our first walk-through on May 3 and the shopping started on May 4!  Our deadline was Memorial Day.

We had to local shop almost all the furniture because of our tight deadlines.  We found some great spots and made a ton of progress that first day.

I usually spend a lot of time planning out my rooms as I want each piece to be perfect for the space, but we didn't have the luxury of time for this project.  We let the market dictate the design.  This isn't ideal, but we were lucky that it all came together.  

In addition to furniture, we had soft goods to plan.  Bedding, window seat cushions and lots of pillows!  Because this is a rental, I wanted to keep the bedding design simple.  We used the same quilt style on all the beds and brought in the personality with the pillows.  I love pillows!

Oaks Lily Concept Board

Did I mention we also had to replace most of the lighting?  And the art?  And accessories?  All of that is for another post.  Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to posting the final photos.  You'll be amazed at the transformation.

Thanks for Reading!