shower curtains

A Warm Bath

Bathrooms can be cold, especially in the winter, but they can also be visually cold.  What I mean by that is most bathrooms lack the "warmth" you get in other rooms with furniture and fabrics.  I have found some great ways you can bring some much needed warmth.

This bathroom featured on Houzz is large enough for a rug, window treatment and an upholstered chair.  Any of these items help bring warmth to a bathroom.

The stained wood trim and ceiling, along with floor to ceiling draperies warm up this rustic bathroom from House Beautiful

As you know, I'm a big fan of wallpaper and how it can warm up a space.  The accessories and towels also help bring life to this otherwise all white bathroom featured in Nicety Deco.

A wood table and basket really brings warmth to this bathroom from Better Homes and Garden.

A great trick for shower curtains is to purchase two and install one on each side.  This works for custom and ready-made.  This bathroom was featured on I Suwannee.

The easiest way (and least expensive) way to bring warmth to your bathroom is with towels and simple accessories.  Sarah Richardson did that wonderfully in this bathroom featured on The Enchanted Home.  Glass jars filled with cotton balls is functional and beautiful!