playroom design

Room to Play

Kid spaces are the most fun to design.  Clients seem to be more willing to stretch their design boundaries with these rooms and I find it so fun putting them together.  Since I've been working on a number of {little spaces} these past few months, it seemed natural to feature one of them here.  This particular room was designed with two, active grandsons in mind.  My client wanted a space all their own when they came to visit - which is often.  They love sports, being creative, watching cartoons and playing video games.

I have a different approach when it comes to playrooms.  This is where I like to use brighter colors or interesting paint techniques, such as stripes or chalkboard paint.  Unique storage solutions are also high on my list.  I'm a big fan of the cube units with the colorful fabric bins.  Not only are they functional, but I like being able to add color in a uniformed way.  Target sells a 9 Cube Organizer I used below, along with colorful Fabric Drawers.  I framed out three framed cord boards using the same paint from the bathroom to give some much needed color on this side of the room. 

If you have room, it's always good to create zones - one for watching television or playing video games, an area for reading and a table for playing games or doing crafts.  In the playroom above, we used the client's existing table on one end and a lounger with bean bags on the other.

This is the furniture plan we started with.  We did make a few changes, but overall the finished product is the same.  This is an important first step in designing any space.

I love using lots of colorful pillows, bean bags and throws.  Kids love furry, soft blankets!  I suggest getting a blanket for each member of the family as they will always fight over them.

Monograms can put a custom touch on an otherwise simple pillow design.

Need help designing a space for that special child in your life?  Even if you don't live in Tallahassee, I can help.  Check out my e-design services for clients who live in any part of the country! 

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