orange and blue

I Bleed Orange and Blue

As most of you heard, there's a big football game being played in Pasadena next week, between two great teams and I'm going!  What's even better about this particular match-up is I'm an Auburn girl living in the Florida State town.  I also have a sister, two brothers and a brother-in-law who are all Seminoles.  But my dad, stepmother and I are Tigers.  That was never a problem in our family...until now.  But, I say bring it on and may the best team win - barring any miracle throws, catches or flukes!

To celebrate my Auburn Tigers, I am sharing all things orange and blue, which by the way is a great color combination for a room or your wardrobe.  

All images can be linked back to their original source through my Pinterest board.  Happy New Year and War Eagle!