farmhouse lighting

A Progress Report at Summer Duck

I couldn't help but write about my Summer Duck job after visiting the house today.  It's a new construction project and I was so happy to see how much was done.  My client is great as she's taken some real design "chances" and they are paying off!  

This site literally took my breath away.  Those lanterns couldn't be better!

The trim carpenter is very good and this mantle is an example of his talent.

This is the blue laundry room.  That light is red and yes, that bucket is going to be her laundry sink!

Then, I turned another corner and this was waiting for me in the master bath!  My client found the light at an antique store and she's afraid it's too big.  I disagree, so we're waiting until the last minute to decide if it's going somewhere else.

Here is the tile in the master shower.  No grout yet, but I couldn't help but share.

My final "moment" was getting to see this cabinet in the boy's bathroom.  I have no words... 

My last little surprise is showing you the light (another one my client found) that will be going in the foyer.

I promise to keep you updated with pictures of the final product.  It will be fabulous!