children's bedrooms

Sugar & Spice

I'm working on a new project for two little girls (and their parents) and I'm very excited about it.  There's just something about designing spaces for children that really brings out my creative side.  On the agenda are two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a playroom.  Paint colors are already in place in the bedrooms and playroom, but the bathrooms are fair game - do I hear wallpaper books calling my name??

We're starting in the youngest girl's bedroom and bathroom as her room never got fully finished and it's pretty much a blank canvas.  The crib is staying and my client has a piece of art she wants to use as "inspiration" for the room.  The paint color looks awful in these photos (sorry!), but it's a beautiful shade of pink...

The bathroom is screaming for some pattern and color, right?  This is also the bathroom guests will be using, we can't go too "girly" but I'm definitely seeing some pink in its future...

My inspiration file has continued to grow as I prepare for my client presentation in a few weeks.  Here's a little taste of what I'm liking at the moment.  Enjoy!

Do we do an amazing shower curtain using a fabric like this?
Or a super-fun wallpaper like this? 
This light is contemporary, but with a feminine touch.  A great bath light option.
My client has an existing dresser that we can the look of this!
My client sent me this picture.  I can't wait to show her my take on this idea!

I'll be back with updates soon!