Broomsage {take two and three}

My lack of down time has meant blogging has not only taken a back seat, but it's been put in the trunk!  But my new website has inspired me to make writing a priority as I love sharing what I'm working on with my readers.

I first shared my Broomsage project in May, but the project actually started in November 2015.  There have been a number of starts and stops, due to client decisions and long delivery times on a few furniture selections.  But, we are back on track and ready to get this project photographed.  Since my {first look} post a ton of things have happened.  Furniture was delivered, window treatments installed and lighting changed, but it's the final touches that are still left to do.  The wall decor is very important to this client, so it has taken time to find just the right pieces.  

The dining room is on track and we have a few final details.  I can't decide what I love more - the new chandelier or the orchid prints?  

Jennifer Taylor Design - Tallahassee, Florida

In the master bedroom, we kept almost all of the client's bedroom furniture.  But, since I'm not a fan of everything matching, we decided to replace the night stands.  They were perfect with the crystal lamps that belonged to my client's grandmother.  Oh, and did I mention the beautiful draperies!

Jennifer Taylor Design - Tallahassee, Florida

The built-ins in the family room got a total reset.  99% of what we used, the client had.  I love using personal treasures to tell a client's story!

Jennifer Taylor Design - Tallahassee, Florida

I'm looking forward to getting professional photos taken very soon and sharing them on my website.  This one is definitely portfolio worthy!