Another Welcome Change

Five years ago I never would have imagined my business would be where it is today.  In January 2012 Jennifer Taylor Design was started purely out of necessity.  I had found myself without a job and needed to to support my small family.  I knew I wanted to work for myself again, but the timing had never been quite right.  Well, God's timing is always right and I trusted he was creating the path I needed to follow.  So, I ordered some business cards and prayed.  My first job was booked a few weeks later and the rest is history...

When I first opened Jennifer Taylor Design, I blogged pretty regularly as I had a lot of time.  It was a way to share my design inspirations, photos of the projects I was working on or a personal story now and then.  Here's how my very first blog post looked back in 2012.  

Then, in 2014 it was time for a real website with professional photos.  I was super proud of my work and really wanted to share it with potential clients.  How little I knew about branding!

So today, I'm so excited to introduce my brand new website.  It was a long process and it's not over, but I honestly couldn't be more proud!  A huge shout out to my website designer (who also happens to be my sister) Hannahill Photography for all her hard work and patience.  Not only did she design the site, she helped me create a logo and took the photos of my Plaza Tower project.  We also have a few videos we'll be adding soon.  Those were tough!  In the meantime, here's the first one featuring our latest project.  

Thanks so much for reading and I encourage your comments below!