The Freshman Fifteen

The dorm room decor is out in full force in my local stores (Florida State University and I share the same town) and it always amazes me how many options are out there now for incoming freshman.  The possibilities are endless in turning a literal blank canvas into home, sweet home.

I didn't have a traditional dorm room my freshman year at college.  I was lucky and got to live in an on-campus apartment.  My dad wasn't so happy with that assignment, but that's what happens when you don't get all your paperwork turned in on time.   It had a small living room, kitchen, bathroom, one large bedroom and one super small bedroom.  I got the smaller bedroom because the larger came with all this built-in furniture, which I didn't like.  I was a design snob even at 17!  

The apartments were built in the 50's or 60's and had previously been used for married student housing, thus the two bedrooms.  The floors were hard vinyl tile and all the walls were painted concrete brick.  The furniture was straight from the 60's and everything was upholstered in light green vinyl.  One day, two Walmart trips and lots of laughs later, my mom and I had that place looking like a magazine!  We made slipcovers out of sheets for all the furniture, found some great rugs to cover the ugly floor and hung valances on the windows.  I have to say, I always had the best decorated room/apartment my entire time at college.  

Since each dorm is different, I thought I would give you 15 inspirational ideas (not pounds) that you might incorporate into your freshman's space...

A great idea for inexpensive wall art...framed napkins. 
What I like best here are the hanging baskets idea.  Going vertical is key in a small space.  From Pinterest. 
Creative wall decor using all kinds of inexpensive things.
A silver painted bulletin board with an amazing jewelry storage idea!
Nothing is more important than lighting in a small space.  Find a lamp that can be easily adjusted to light your work space or for reading.  This desk lamp has three "joints" so it's easily moved to where you need it.
The only thing I like about this space is how they used the area under the bed.  Lots of storage here and everything seems to fit pretty perfectly.
One of these girls had to have an interior designer mom or mom hired one to accomplish this extravagant look!  The extra long bed skirts hide a multitude of sins under each bed.  This keeps it looking clean, organized and everything matches!
This tutorial shows you how to turn a simple sheet into a curtain.  Love this one!
This program helps you Design Your Dorm in 3-D.
Removable wall decals from Pottery Barn Teen
This ottoman opens up to hold hidden shoe storage.  I love pieces of furniture that serve a dual purpose like this.
I know this is a bad photo, but the idea is so simple.  Hang some chain from your existing closet rod and you can triple or even quadruple your clothing storage.
Taking a simple wooden, magazine holder and mount it as a corner shelf.  This one is definitely one of my favorites.  I would have painted them a fun color!
The easiest and least expensive way to really add a punch of color is by using pillows.  Keep the bedding solid and then use pillows to add the personality.  Most beds are in the corner, so imagine lining both the head and the side of the bed with lots of pillows.
My final idea is the best and the only source I can find is a photo.  It looks pretty simple to duplicate if you have someone handy in your life.  Vertical storage at it's best!

Thanks for reading!