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Summer vacation has only been over for eight weeks, but I am finding myself thinking about what to do next summer.  Taking Wes on trips has always been important to me.  Traveling with him by myself isn't the easiest, but we have made some wonderful memories just the two of us.  There is this a sappy commercial on television lately where the mom and son are traveling together in Europe and it has really made an impression on me.  Plus, I currently have two client who are traveling in Europe and one friend on Facebook has been posting these amazing photos from Italy!  What's a girl to do?  Try to see if a trip to Europe could possibly happen for us next summer, that's what. England is on the top of our list and probably the only country I feel comfortable in visiting alone with Wes.  Mainly because of the language barriers I fear in other countries and because I've visited there in my early twenties.  I also think I can satisfy Wes' desire to learn more about World War II and mine to enjoy the English countryside.

Another idea that is definitely closer to home and one I have never done, would be a trip along the California coast.  I even thought about doing part of the trip by train.  Wes would love that!  He even got a little excited about the possibility of visiting Alcatraz.  Decisions, decisions.  For now, I will continue to research ideas on the internet and keep them tucked away on my travel Pinterest board ...

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