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An Easy Secretary Desk Makeover

About a month ago, I posted all the final pictures of my Miller's Bridge family room, but I saved this project detail for its own post.  At the initial design consultation, my client really hoped I could incorporate a secretary desk she had.  Not only did she like it, but it also provided a spot for her son to use the laptop computer out in the main room of the house.  Got to keep an eye on our kids! Once all the furniture was installed, we felt like it could stay in the room and not feel too crowded, but it needed a little "oomph".  My client was open to painting it, but I knew we could do something a little less permanent.  There was a great fabric we really wanted to use in the the room, but because it was a special order through a furniture company we didn't order from, it was really expensive per yard.  We loved the design and the colors, but the price was a little more than the budget allowed.

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Now, this is where hiring a designer brings so much more than new furniture to a space.  I called on my friend and talented artist to help me with the transformation.  After some texts messages back and forth from the craft store and a few emails, this is what we came up with.

Jennifer Taylor Design; Tallahassee, Florida

Jennifer Taylor Design; Tallahassee, Florida

Jennifer Taylor Design; Tallahassee, Florida

The best part of this idea is that the design on a thin piece of wood that can be easily removed if needed.  I loved using all my client's treasures to really make it her own.  She was thrilled and so was I!

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