The Man Cave

The Man Cave is one of those rooms that can mean many things to lots of people.  It could just be an office where a man feels he can work quietly or it could be an entire basement filled with deer heads and neon beer signs.  Whatever your definition, every Man Cave should share one thing in common and that is COMFORT! Recliners are usually an important part to a successful man cave.  Most of the time when I hear the words "my husband has to have his recliner", I cringe a little on the inside.  Recliners are for the most part not the most attractive piece of furniture in a room, but they have come a long way.  I recently specified this leather recliner for a client's family room (not in red) and it turned out really great.  A good mix of style and comfort.  Did I mention it has an option so it automatically reclines with a remote?  Lazy at its best!

2013-10-22 13.33.29

I designed the built-ins for this office so the client could keep their existing leather sofa.  We wrapped the bookcase around, added some cool sconces, the client's boat painting and now he's got a great place to relax and watch football.  I also added in tons of personal touches in the shelves to really make it his space.

Jennifer Taylor Design - Man Cave

Jennifer Taylor Design

This basement I designed was for the entire family, but definitely has some man cave attributes - the draft beer taps, the workshop behind the sliding barn door and the double wine fridges.  I know from experience that some very good times were had in this space!

Jennifer Taylor Design

Jennifer Taylor Design

Finally, I love this basement from Candice Olsen as I feel it embraces a true man cave.  The television is as large as a small car, movie theater seating done in a tasteful way and the guitar in the corner.  The color palette is also a plus as it's very masculine, but not too dark.  Well done!

Design by Candice Olsen

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