Saint Francis {take one}

My blog has taken a HUGE back seat this year and I’m going to work really hard in 2019 to keep up with it more. I truly enjoy it and need to make the time. Just like I need to make the time to exercise, get my eyes checked and clean out my garage. Another goal in 2019 - better time management!

In the meantime, I’m excited to have some professional photos taken this week of my Saint Francis project. I love a photo shoot. It’s so fun to style the rooms and make them look their BEST! But before I share those, I thought it would be nice to tell you about this amazing project that kept me so busy all summer.

I met with these clients (who live in another city) at the end of May. They had recently purchased a townhouse that needed a lot of TLC. The end goal was to create an amazing home they could gather with family and friends during Seminole football weekends. In addition to furnishing all the rooms, we had some remodeling to do. These are some of the photos from my initial visit…

We literally touched EVERY surface in this house except the wood flooring and kitchen cabinets. Our first priority was the master bathroom because we wanted to change the layout, as well as all the finishes. We took out the huge garden tub and made an amazing shower, as well as creating a larger vanity with much needed storage.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.22.02 AM.png
Jennifer Taylor Design - Saint Francis Master Bathroom

My client wanted a “modern industrial” feel to the interiors and we also wanted to make sure to pay tribute to the Florida State Seminoles. We had one presentation in my design studio, I shipped one small box of samples for final approval and then we saw each other again on reveal day. This project was a success for two reasons - my clients made quick decisions and they trusted me to bring their vision to life.

Jennifer Taylor Design

Here are a few photos during the “remodeling” phase with the final photos coming soon!

Thanks for Reading!