Feathering Your Nest

  I've just started reading a book called Simple Abundance:  A Daybook of Comfort and Joy and because it's a book of essays you are to read daily, I'm starting in the middle.   But so far, the middle has really been speaking to me as this week as it's all about the comforts of home.  My favorite quote is "No matter what our decorating style - realized or aspired to - the essential spiritual grace our homes should possess is the solace of comfort."  Comfort!  If you begin to think about some of your favorite rooms you've ever been in, whether your own or someone else's, I bet a word you would use to describe them would be comfort.  I think that's why I love hotel rooms with fluffy down comforters and pillows where I can turn the air conditioning down so low that the room is like an ice box.  That is totally my idea of comfort.  What's yours?

This book asks you to really look at your house and make a wish list of comfort for your own home.  Whether that is a place to snuggle up and read a book, a sound system to play your favorite music or even a flower garden.  Find your "personal nest that comforts body and soul."  So, I'm on a mission to really bring comfort into my own home.  I'm going to finish some projects I've been putting off and really commit to bringing the same beauty to my own home that I give my clients every day.  What projects do you have on your list that you've been putting off?  It's time to Feather Our Nests!!

I'm finally going to frame the vintage botanical prints I've had tucked away and hang them in my breakfast room!

I'm also going to buy this bench I've been loving for over a year now.  I'm going to fill it with colorful pillows!

I'm going to paint my mom's desk white.  I've had her cherry desk for about ten years and I sit at it every day.  Time to make it my own!